While I can sometimes accommodate short notice requests, please plan on contacting me at least 2 weeks prior to your event. Please keep in mind that I can book in advance of a year or more for some dates, so contact me as early as possible.

Email is the best way of contacting me:

Include the date you need the cake or other items, about how many people you need to serve and the theme or specific design requests.


Can you alter your recipes to more or less sweet? Or different flavors other than listed?

No. I hold a Cottage Food Permit with the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Per this permit I may only produce the recipes I have had inspected and may make no alterations of any kind. If you have a suggestion of something you would like to see offered in the future, please let me know.

Why don’t you offer fresh fruit or whipped cream frosting?

Again, per my Cottage Food Permit, finished items that require refrigeration are not allowed. Fresh fruit is included in that as well. All of my recipes have been analyzed by the Department of Agriculture to insure they have proper fat to sugar ratios, making them shelf stable when finished

Will you deliver?

Yes. In fact I insist on delivering sculpted or tiered cakes. I include delivery in my prices unless the event location is very far, then a nominal charge may be added to the total in advance. Because I operate out of my home kitchen I have a city use permit and am not permitted business related foot traffic. This means I cannot have clients come to my house for pickup, which could disturb neighbors. If you need to travel with the cake I am happy to bring it to your home, work or anywhere you want to meet!